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Your knowledge and participation will make this community an amazing place. We want to know more about you and give everyone a way to promote themselves to the community. Whether you are just trying to find that perfect play partner, teach / learn about the community, or advertise your fetish event / product / specialty, we have included something for you!

As you know, each user has provided basic information to create their account, we encourage you to take a moment and finalize your profile by telling us more about you and uploading pictures. For users who have a fetish specialty, we have included a section to expand more about your businesses. When purchasing a membership, we will also list your profile in up to 5 traveling zip codes. This will provide you an easy way to promote yourself to multiple areas.

The search features on this site are outstanding, you will see that not only is there a list view, but users can search by viewing a global map. When paying for a membership, you will be listed as a featured member in associated searches. This search functionality is also carried over into event listings and the Fetish Marketplace listings.

The Fetish Marketplace is a place for you to list your slightly used and hand made items you may want to sell to local users. To help reduce fraud, only members who pay for a membership will be able to list items in the marketplace. These items are buyer beware, as like any community posting area, we have no control over who you will be meeting to pick-up the items or the age / condition of items. Request to meet in a public space is always advised.

For a more secure shopping experience, we have teamed up with some of the largest sex toy distributors in the world to provide you The General Store. The General Store items are from major manufacturers of sex toys and fetish gear, there are over 100,000 items listed in that section. Some of these items may ship from different distributors and have two different prices dependent on the distributor. For those unique items we all love to have, we also have a vendor stores area.

The vendor stores area allows users with an established business to promote and sell their items on our site. You will be making payment directly to the vendor store owner and they will be responsible for shipping your items. Due to the unique nature of these items, ship times may vary dependent on the vendor / item type / etc. Please be patient with the vendors, however, we will be happy to assist if there are ever any concerns.

Event promoters are encouraged to list their local events on the Events calendar. While all users can view / like / share events, only members with a paid membership are able to post events to the events calendar. All vendors, marketplace ads, and event promoters are encouraged to purchase the rotating advertisement space found on the home page and throughout the site.

Obviously, the more you participate on the site, post comments on the global feed, create topics and discussions in our blogs area; the more recognition you will receive. These are great areas to make new friends, clients, colleagues in the fetish world. You will notice on the home page, there is an activity feed that shows everyone the most recent updates. Start posting, be active, and get noticed!

We have also brough back the Chat Room! Yes, create your own room, invite friends for group conversations or just hang out to meet new friends. Paid users will have the ability to create their own video chatrooms, where they can also invite groups of friends to participate. Users are encouraged to create video training / chat events in the events section!

Do you have an artist inside of you? In addition to posting pictures on your profile. Users with a unique talent for something fetish are encouraged to post their work to the Fetish Gallery. This is an area to post your most amazing treasures for the world to see. Make us all drool in your ability to capture this world we love so much and post your works of art for the world to see.

We have teamed up with Mistress Erin and some of the most knowledgeable teachers of fetish on the planet to bring you the Tutorial videos section. Due to age verification purposes, this area is open to paid members. Users are also encouraged to upload their own videos to this section. You can be in this lifestyle for 20 years and still learn something new. So please, show us your unique skills, share with the world your kink, become one of our instructors!

For those lonely nights, we have created the entertainment section. We have been filming fetish videos since 2011 with our fetish friends, so this area shows you our films dating back over the last decade! We have also teamed up with one of the largest webcam companies in the world to bring you the live entertainment webcams area. Users who have a fetish website are encouraged to contact us for affiliate opportunities, we would love to include you in this area!

Do you travel to South Florida? Come party with us, we attend some of the best events here and throw special private parties throughout the year. We also have been filming fetish videos since 2011 and are always looking for new kinky friends to film and photo. Click the Palm Tree icon and come be a part of our world!

As always, we are here to help make this the best experience possible for the community. If there are ever any concerns with a specific user, interaction, experience in general, please reach out to us immediately so that we can address the issues. Users can adjust security settings through their profile settings and can also report any image or content that they feel go against the general rules or terms of service.

We look forward to watching our community grow and feel free to contact [email protected] with any questions or concerns. Once again, we welcome you to SomethingFetish.com.

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