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Perfect Fit Nipple Enlarger

The Perfect Fit Nipple Enlarger is a sexy way to give yourself fuller, erect nipples by use of a double bulb pump. This enlarger has an added unique feature: four graduated O-rings to place over the nipples to keep them standing at attention for extended sessions! Simply place the desired size ring over the open end of the pump prior to pumping, fit the pump over the nipple, then pump away to your desired size. Slide the best suited ring over your now erect nipple, down to the base of the nipple. Now stand back and admire those perfectly perky tips! Two differently sized pumps are included for a custom fit to any nipple. Measurements: Pumps are 2.63 inches long, Large Pump opening has 0.53 inch inner diameter, Small Pump opening has 0.35 inch inner diameter, O-Rings range from 0.33 to 0.54 inches inner diameter, Material: Rubber, Glass, Color: Flesh, Note: Includes a total of 8 rings and 2 pumps

MAXtwist Nipple Suckers

These simple and powerful nipple suckers are perfect for anyone looking for some consistent, strong suction. All you have to do is place the base of the sucker firmly against the nipple to create a seal, and then twist the easy-grip control cap to create immediate suction. Enjoy a light sucking sensation or twist the knob further to create a serious vacuum. Just turn the cap backward to return the internal plunger to its original position and release the suction when you are ready. Measurements: 4 inch overall length, 1.17 inch inner diameter, Material: ABS, Color: Clear, White, Note: Includes one pair.

The SMP Beginner Pump

Get ready to pump it up for bigger, longer erections with The SMP Beginner Pump. Perfect for those just starting out, this pump gives you all you need to enlarge! With a soft sleeve, easy squeeze pump, flexible hose and quick release valve, you will have no trouble. Measurements: Approximately 8 inches in length, 7.5 inches for penis, circumferences of 7 inches (tip) to 7.25 inches (base) and opening of 2 inches in diameter.

Clit and Nipple Suckers Set

Experience powerful suction on your nipples and clitoris when you play with this easy-to-use sucker set! Without the complication of bulky tubes and pumps, this set draws blood into your desired area, engorging and enhancing sensitivity! Place each cylinder flush against the skin and use the simple twist mechanism to increase pressure within the vacuum. Experiment while you masturbate or share the excitement with a partner! Your nipples and clit will be even more responsive while they're temporarily enlarged! Measurements: Nipple suckers have an inner diameter of 1.5 inches, with a maximum depth of 1.25 inches. Clitoral cylinder has an inner diameter of .75 inches, with a maximum depth of 1.25 inches. Material: ABS plastic, acrylic. Color: Clear.

XL Nipple Suckers

Simple, but remarkably powerful, these suckers can be used anywhere on your body where you would like to experience increased sensitivity and temporary enlargement, but they are especially effective on your nipples! With a wider cylinder than others, this set will pull your entire areola and surrounding flesh into its tight pressure as you twist. Forget about complicated pumps and accessories, these silent and discreet nipple suckers make for convenient, unique fun that can easily be taken to your partners house or on a trip! Internal lubrication creates smooth movement and a strong seal. Measurements: Opening diameter of 2.25 inches. 4.25 inches in total length, with a cylinder that accommodates 2 inches. Material: ABS plastic, acrylic. Color: Clear.

Breast Cupping System

Create temporary engorgement of the breast area with a hand-pumped cupping system! Each of the two large cups has a rubber ring around the base to create a strong seal when you place it on your skin. Attach the green end of the tubing to the green tips of the cups and the white end of the tubing to the hand pump. Pull the pump trigger to create suction, working towards your comfort level. The tubing can be removed and your flesh will stay caught in the pressure of the cup. Press down on the green tip to easily release the suction. Experiment with enlargement and increased sensitivity on your own or with a partner! Measurements: Cups are 4.25 inches in inner diameter, 4.75 inches in depth. Tubing is 20.5 inches in length. Material: ABS plastic. Color: Clear. Note: Includes two large cups, hand pump, tubing, and an extra tip system.

The Spine Tingler Textured Penis Enhancer

This see through penis extender offers a lot more than just increased girth and more length! The super stretchy shaft is studded throughout with exciting texture elements, for spine tingling sensation with every thrust. The sleeve slips on easily, and the cut to fit design ensures ideal enhancement on almost any size! Simple to use, it offers an instant, guaranteed size boost with no creams, pills, or schedule to follow. Just slip it on, and you are ready to impress your partner with your new bigger, longer, and more satisfying rod. Measurements: 7.5 inches in length, 2.25 inches outer diameter. Material: TPR. Color: Clear

Advanced Suction Female Pumping Kit

Are you a woman who wants to experience some of the most intense suction you have ever felt? Most pumps draw air up by hand. Using our ultra powerful Bionic Pump, you can experience extreme suction with electric intensity. The kit includes two nipple pumps, to get the blood flowing to your breasts. Then, use either the pussy attachment for all over suction, or the clitoral cylinder for pinpoint sensation. The impressive vacuum will encourage circulation and will help the blood rush to the surface of your skin, heightening sensitivity. Once you have plumped to the desired level, just detach the hose. The cylinders are designed to retain pressure and stay in place until you break the seal. For extreme pumping enthusiasts only, this power packed pump is sure to satisfy. Measurements: Nipple and clit cylinders: 3.14 inches in length (not including tip), 1.08 inch outer opening diameter and 0.82 inch inner opening diameter; Pussy cylinder: 3 inches in width, 4 inches in length. Material: ABS plastic, acrylic, rubber. Color: White. Note: Kit contains (1) electric pump, (2) nipple cylinders, (1) clit cylinder, and (1) pussy cylinder

Titillate Me Nipple and Clit Tingle Stick

Smooth on an extra dose of tingling sensation with this pint-sized stick of pleasure balm. Just apply directly to the area with the easy to use applicator, and let the cooling, tingling sensations enhance your sensitivity and enjoyment. Contains shea butter and vitamin E for a soothing, conditioning experience. Active Ingredients: Shea butter, menthol crystals, peppermint oil, vitamin E. Size: Net weight 0.125 oz.

6-Piece Rotary Cupping Set

This 6-Piece Rotary Cupping Set is a unique way to relieve sore and aching muscles, explore erotic massage, or use with BDSM play. The cupping method stems from traditional Chinese medicine, but its effects can be enjoyed in a variety of ways. Simply place one or more cups directly onto the skin and turn the dial clockwise to create suction. Lubricate the skin first in order to slide the cups around for different sensations. If you or your partner are looking to spice things up or try something new, this Cupping Set is an exciting unconventional toy for your collection! Measurements: Set includes one cup of each of the following diameters: 1.5, 1.75, 2, 2.5, 2.75, and 3.25 inches. Material: Cups are ABS plastic. Color: Cups are clear. Note: Read instructions before use. Retail Packaging consists of plain white box. Sample lubricant also included. Select the specific item you want to purchase, you may repeat this if you are interested in several of the varients of this product:

Deluxe Hand Pump with Pressure Gauge

This is a one handed, heavy duty vacuum pump with pressure gauge. Incorporates a pressure release valve that can be easily accessed with a finger to provide quick release. This is a convenient pump at a solid value. Works with all the cylinders and pumping accessories we sell. Note: Our cylinders use high quality vac lock valves that allow the pump to be removed from the cylinder while keep pressure on area. Other pumps may not work with our cylinders.

SMP Enlarger Comfort Cushion Accessory

Great accessory to add comfort to your SMP Enlarger. Will allow you to wear your Enlarger for an extended time as it acts as a blanket for you penis head to rest upon. Pack comes with 3 cushions that you insert your strap through. Note: SMP Enlarger Sold Separately.

Deluxe Penis Pump with Nubbed Sleeve

The Deluxe Penis Pump with Nubbed Sleeve helps you get the most from your cock. Simply insert your penis into the cylinder, letting the internal suction sleeve create a tight seal, and squeeze the hand bulb to start pumping up! The full length, internal sleeve has raised nubs to provide additional stimulation during pumping. When you have the size you want, just press the release valve button above the bulb to break the vacuum, and remove your penis, swollen and ready to go! Use it to get an even bigger erection, or go for increased size over time with a regular pumping regimen. Measurements: 2.07 inch internal diameter, 8 inch cylinder length, 7.5 inch long flexible hose, Material: ABS, PVC, Color: Clear cylinder and inner sleeve, Black hose and pump

The SMP Red Beginner Pump

Get ready to pump it up for bigger, longer erections with The SMP Red Beginner Pump. Perfect for those just starting out, this pump gives you all you need to enlarge! With a soft sleeve, easy squeeze medical-style pump bulb, flexible hose and quick release valve, you will be on your way to enhanced pleasure and performance. Measurements: Cylinder has 7.38 inch internal length, 2.1 inch inner diameter at opening, Materials: ABS, PVC, Color: Red

AMPlify Male Enhancement Cream 4 oz

Used as an erection enhancer, this gratifying cream can be used to revitalize and excite the penis for solo or partner play. Infused with exhilarating Peppermint Oil and Aloe so it tingles and moisturizes at the same time! Size: 4 fl. oz.

Nipple Enlarger Kit

With proper use you can enlarge and stimulate your nipples using the Nipple Enlarger Kit. It Utilizes the same concept as traditional penis pumps, which have been effective in enlarging penis size. The cylinders are crafted from industrial grade clear acrylic. The vacuum lock release system allows the nipple cylinders to stay on without the pump. Use the dual T connector to enlarge both nipples evenly and to insure constant pressure. Kit Includes: , Two Nipple Cylinders. , T Connector. , Deluxe Hand Pump.