Welcome to SomethingFetish, this site is intended for adults in the fetish and BDSM lifestyle to gather, share their thoughts, meet new friends, and to teach and learn about the lifestyle. We’ve also provided a way for business owners, entertainers, instructors, practitioners, and venues dedicated to the lifestyle a way to find and promote themselves to the community.

Unless explicitly stated otherwise, all users are bound by our “General Rules” & “Terms of Service” and since these notices include legal obligations, please read both carefully. Note: SomethingFetish reserves the right to change or modify these General Rules or Terms of Service at any time.

General Rules:

  • This site is for the sharing of information on the Fetish & BDSM Lifestyle and all information provided is for users legally allowed to view adult material. All users should be of legal adult age in their area, generally, this is age 18+ in most areas.
  • You will find some material on this site offensive. Please be polite and accepting of the diversity of fetishes and interests that make this community amazing. 
  • SomethingFetish does not share or sell your personal information. Any information collected is used for the sites search capabilities, marketing, and internal use. Any marketing will come directly from SomethingFetish, we do not share your information with third parties.
  • All information you post publicly to the site should be considered public information and has the potential to be shared across the world.
  • DO NOT POST ANY CONTENT RELATED TO: bestiality, hate groups, pedophilia, snuff, images not taken by you or of you or if you do not have permission to post, any image / video showing someone under the age of 18.
  • Requesting or soliciting for sexual services shall not be tolerated. Violations will result in the immediate suspension and / or termination of your account with no refund and, dependent on the content, your personal information may be shared with law enforcement when appropriate. We do not condone these activities; professional domination is not prostitution.
  • DO NOT POST THE FOLLOWING CONTENT IN OPEN FORUMS: Politics, racial slurs, hateful speech towards other users. Violations of this will result in the suspension and potentially termination of your account.
  • PLEASE CONTRIBUTE: We need your knowledge, your experiences, your feedback to make this community great. Don’t be shy, introduce yourself, share your thoughts in the forums, make new friends, let’s build a place where new people to the lifestyle can find the information they are looking for, with your help we can make this a great home for the community!
  • User Conduct:
    • Users acknowledge and agree that all information posted to the site, whether publicly or privately posted, is the responsibility of the user. This means that you, not SomethingFetish, is responsible for the information that you post, upload, or transmit via the website. Under no circumstances will SomethingFetish be responsible for third party content.
    • Users acknowledge they will be exposed to content that may be deemed offensive, indecent, or obscene. By entering the site, you understand you are entering at your own risk.
    • Do not post content / videos / pictures that you are not solely responsible for producing or have explicit written permission to publish.
    • Content that includes minors or anyone under the age of 18 are not allowed, posting of this type of content may result in the sharing of your personal information with the community and law enforcement; this content is strictly forbidden.
    • This is not a brothel, do not request or offer any type of sexual services. Users found promoting or soliciting these services will be removed from the site without notice and may also be reported to law enforcement. If your idea of domination is selling or purchasing sex, this is not the place for you.
    • Unless during a role playing situation inside a private discussion, users should not promote racism, politics, or hate towards anyone based on their skin color, sexual orientation, or group affiliation. Users are encouraged to report any such activity found in open forums and users who violate this rule are subject to loss of their account and banning from the site.
      The use of SomethingFetish for academic, corporate research, or law enforcement reasons, without the expressed written consent of AquaShark Media, LLC, is strictly forbidden.
    • Members of the media are strictly forbidden to use SomethingFetish for any reason other than their personal enrichment and knowledge of the lifestyle. If you are a member of the media, you agree that everything that you observe will be kept in strict confidence and will not be shared without the expressed written permission of AquaShark Media, LLC. You will be held personally responsible for any damages caused by sharing information from the site.
    • SomethingFetish offers many ways to promote your business and share your information with other users, the use of SPAM mail or automated bots is strictly forbidden.
      Do not discuss animal abuse, beastiality, cannibalism, snuff, murder, necrophilia, sex or activities with minors, or any other activity generally known as forbidden.
    • Hacking, impersonating another user or member of staff is strictly forbidden and will result in the permanent banning of your IP address and/or removal of account.
      Don’t be a scammer, jerk, or generally unpleasant person, SomethingFetish will evaluate reported accounts on a case-by-case basis and your account may be subject to suspension or termination.
    • Don’t post for sale any firearms, explosives, weapons, controlled substances or pharmaceuticals, counterfeit or stolen items, or any other items where listing the item would cause SomethingFetish to violate any laws.
  • Vendor Store Area:
    • Items for sale in the Vendor store area are sold by independent small business owners.
    • Due to the unique nature of the items being sold, some lead times for certain products, especially custom made products, may vary between vendors and time of year.
    • SomethingFetish does not collect payment for the items being sold in the stores, payment is collected by the individual store owners.
    • See Vendor Store Details addendum for additional information on Vendor Stores
  • Fetish Marketplace:
    • Items posted in the Fetish Marketplace are listed by individual users. This section should be considered buyer beware, report any unusual activity.
    • Posting or advertising for sexual services is absolutely forbidden.
  • Calendar of Events:
    • Events in this area are posted by individual event organizers.
  • Rotating Advertisements:
    • Rotating advertisements on the home page / global feed / chatrooms can be purchased by individual businesses / vendors / users. Please report any advertisements that do not meet community standards.
  • Tutorial Videos:
    • Users are encouraged to participate and share their knowledge. We welcome you posting your own tutorial videos to share with the community.
    • When uploading a video, please make sure all parties shown are over the age of 18.