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How to Set-up a Vendor Store

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    Welcome Fetish Craft Artists, Toy Makers, and Business Owners!  We welcome you to set-up your own vendor store and advertise your items through the site!  This was not an easy feat and we are still setting up new categories as we go, so please let us know if you need anything added. 

    There is no risk to you but your time, the standard store is free to post items to.  We do request a 9% commission once an item has sold and you have shipped the item.  You will need your own payment account with one of the four major processors and we will direct them to make payments directly to you.  We will provide a separate invoice for the commissions due that you will have 30 days to pay.  

    If you decide you would like to support our site and purchase a premium store, which is $20 per month.  You would have a commission due of 6% on items sold.  

    Setting up your store is easy!  If you are a small vendor, you can setup your store item by item.  If you are a larger vendor, there are import options to import from a CVS file.  See image below, this is found in your Store Dashboard under "Import Products":

    For smaller store vendors, who would like to upload each product individually, I've provided detailed instructions below.  I'll continue to expand as more people ask questions:

    Step 1:

    Under the Vendor Store tab, click "My Account":

    Then Click on "Open a Store":

    This will direct you to the main open a vendor store page, which includes some helpful information.  To proceed, click on the "Open a New Store" button:

    This will direct you to the Choose a Store Package screen.  To proceed, select one of the two store packages:

    Once you have selected your package, you will be directed to the Vendor Store Set-up Screen.  This is where you will select you stores name and begin the store set-up process:

    The first step is to create a Title for your store and create your store's unique URL name.  Your unique URL can be used in advertising your site and will direct users to your store front!  

    In the example below we are setting up "The Something Fetish Store".   Our unique URL name is "SomethingFetish"

    To confirm the URL is available, click on "Check Availability":

    Will continue this topic soon!  

      October 27, 2022 10:17 PM EDT